Thursday, October 18, 2018

Dashaavataara stuti - Vaadiraaja Swamy 5 - Mohini

या क्षीरवार्धिमथनाक्षीणदर्पदितिजाक्षोभितामरगणा-
पेक्षाप्तयेऽजनि वलक्षांषुबिम्बजिदतीक्ष्णालकावृतमुखी  ।
सूक्ष्मावलग्नवसनाक्षेपकृत्कुच कटाक्षाक्षमीकृतमनो-
दीक्षासुराहृतसुधाक्षाणिनोऽवतुसु रूक्षेक्षणाद्धरितनुः  ॥ ५

yaa ksheeravaardhi mathanaa ksheena darpaditi jaakshobhitaamaragaNaa
pekshaapta yejaniva lakshmaanshu bimbajita teekshNaalakaavrutamukhi
sookshmaavalagna vasanaakshepa kritkuchakataaksha meekritamano
deekshaa suraahrit sudhaakshaaNi novatusu rooksheNaddharitanu

Yaa = Who ever (Ya is ‘he, who ever’. Here because it is Yaa, it suggests female form)  
Ksheera = Milk. Vaardhi - vaari+dhi = water+ large body - Sea. Ksheeravaardhi= Sea
of milk, Mathana = Churning (inspite of) AksheeNa = Un diminished, Darpa = Arrogance,
Ditija - Diti+ja = Progeny of Diti (Asuras), Akshobhita = highly perturbed (a+ kshobhita = also
means un+perturbed) AmaragaNa = group of gods. Apeksha= Desire, Aptaye = To fulfill,
Ajani = Taken form, Valaksha = Very good, auspicious, qualities, Amshu = Rays,
Bimba jitu= Winning (the) Light, Ateekshna - opposite of teekshna, means very pleasant,
Alaka = curls, Avvruta = Covered, Mukhi = Faced

Sukshma+ avalagna + vasana = Tender, soft + perfectly fitting +clothing,
Aakshepa krit = Causing unstability, make very shaken, Kucha = Breasts,
Kataaksha = Sight, side glance, Akshameekrita = Incapacitated,
Manodeeksha =  Determination, Asura = Asuras, demons, Aahrita = Snatched,
Sudha= Nectar, AkshaaNi = Eyes, Nah = us, ours, Avatu = Protect,
Hari tanu = (another) body of hari, meaning Mohini form, Suruksha =
Wicked things (which tempt and drag us towards evil), Ikshanaat = Seeing

You, who, to fulfill the desire of the group of gods highly perturbed by the
un diminished arrogance of the demons, who (the demons) remained arrogant
even after the strain of churning the sea of milk, took the female form having
a face covered by lovely curls and radiating with very pleasant brightness
which would even win over the rays of the pleasant moon,

With perfectly fitting very fine clothes, breasts and the tempting side glance shook
the determination of Asuras (to get nectar for themselves), incapacitated their mind
and snatched the nectar, (you the) other form of Sri Hari, protect our eyes (our
sensory organs and thereby us) from being attracted towards evil.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Dashaavataara Stuti 4 - Vaadiraaja Swamy - Dhanwantari

dhanvantarengaruchi dhanvantareritaru dhanvantaribhavasudha
bhaanvantaraavasatha manvantaraadhikrita tanvantaraushadhanidhe
danvantarangashugu danvantamaajishuvi tanvan mamaabhdhitanayaa
sunvantakaatmahrita tanvantaraavayava tanvantaraartijaladhau

‘Dhanvantare’ = A way of addressing dhanvantari roopa of god, Anga = body,
Ruchi = radiance Dhanvantare = Sun (he who creates ‘Dhanu’ the rainbow)
Ari = enemy, Taru = tree/plant, Dhanvan = desert (making the plants, called enemies,
dry away as a desert does) Tari = boat, Bhava = become,  Sudhaa = ‘amritamaya’,
Bhaanu = Sun (bhanu is sun, Sudhabhaanu ie very pleasant sun, or one having
very pleasant rays, ie, moon) Antara = inside, Avasatha = residing
(chandraantargata roopa) Manvantara = different ‘manvantaras’, Adhikruta = presided,
Tanvantara = (having) body of different from (body, different from our materialistic body)
Aushadha = medicines, Nidhe = wealth of , essence of, (being in and making it -
medicines - effective)

Danu = mother of danavas, Antaranga = heart , Shuk = shoka, sorrow, Udanwantam =
ocean (udu+anwanta = containing water), Aajishu = battlefield, Vitanwan= (one who is)
making it happen, Mama = me, mine, Abdhitanayaa = (daughter of sea) Lakshmidevi,
Sunu = son (Manmatha), Antaka = killer, Atma = (here it is) mind, Hrit = take away,
Atanu = (tanu means lean, atanu is, not lean)  full, Antara = inner, Avayava = body parts,
Tanvantara - Tanu+Antara = another body (vishnu was distributing nector is dhanwantari
form and at the same also appeared as Mohini, another form, hence, tanvantara)
Aarti = deep sorrow, Jaladhau = ocean.

Having a body radiating brightness like a sun (god is brighter than sun, but since humans
know sun as the brightest, here he is compared to sun), (You) who is, to your enemies,
what a desert is to trees (meaning making them whither away), who is residing in
Dhanwantari form within the moon, who takes, by own wish, different forms in different
manwantaras and who is the essence which makes all medicines effective
(in dhanwantari form)

Who, while in the battlefield, creates an ocean of sorrow in the heart of ‘Danu’,
mother of danavas (by destroying danavas), who took away (rattled) the mind of
even the killer of the son of the daughter of sea (Son of Lakshmi devi) manmatha,
shiva, by the full form of your inner organs in Mohini form, You be the boat to take
me across my ocean of deepest sorrow. (samsaara).

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Dashavatara Stuti - Vadiraaja swamy 3 - Kurmakritetvavatu - Kurmavataara

kurmakritetwavatu narmaatma prishThadhrita bharmaatma mandaragire
dharmaavalambana sudharmaasadaakhalita sharmaa sudhaavitaraNaat
durmaanaraahumukha durmaayidaanava sumarmaabhi bhedhanapaTo
gharmaarka kaantivaravarmaa bhavaan bhuvana nirmaaNa dhutavikriti

Kurmakrite - kurma+ akrite = tortoise+ form of, tvavatu - tu + avatu = only (you) + protect ,
narmaatma = effortlessly, prishta = back, dhrita = supporting, holding, bharmaatma -
bharma+atma = made of gold, mandaragire = ‘Mandara’ the mountain,(one who has
mandara giri)

Dharmaavalambana - dharma+avalambana= morals + supported by, sudharma =
name of the assembly of gods, asada = attendees, khalita=cause(to)happen,
sharma = bliss, sudha = amrita, vitaranaat = by distributing

Durmaana - dur+maana = bad + mannered (arrogant) , rahu = rahu the demon,
mukha = and others, durmaayi - dur + mayi = wicked + deeds, daanava = demons,
asuras, sumarma - su+ marma = proper + tender spot, abhedhanapato - abhedhana+
pato = dissecting = expert

Gharmaarka - gharma + arka = heat + sun, kantivaravarma - kanti + vara + varma =
brightness+ supreme + shell or armour, bhavan = you, bhuvana = universe, nirmana =
build, dhuta= washaway, vikriti = defects, imperfections, blemishes,mutations.

You, 1. in the tortoise form, effortlessly supporting the golden ‘mandaragiri’ on your
2. Causing the attendees of the assembly called sudharma, who are supported by
dharma and who support dharma (gods),  to be in bliss , by distributing sudha (amrita)
3. Who is an expert in slashing or breaking the tender spots (marmasthaana), of the
bad mannered arrogant Rahu and similar demons doing wicked deeds
4. Having a shell of supreme brightness, like sun, and emitting extreme heat and
(capable of) building the blemishless universe (blemishes washed away) - You only
can protect us.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Messenger Of God !

Lord Ranganatha Swamy Of Srirangam.

When my wife saw the granite figurine of Sri Ranganathaswamy (Lord Vishnu lying
on his snake bed ‘Adisesha’), in my friend’s consulting room, (he was using it as a
paper weight!) she immediately fell in love with it. She falls in love with many such
things and would like to possess them. I usually manage to bring her back to her
senses and make her give up the idea. If she had had her way our house would
have been full of such artefacts and we would be sleeping in our front yard by now!
Of late, she has stopped informing me about her love affairs. They remain stored
in a corner of her brain and wait for a suitable opportunity to be put into action.
This was one such.

When she learnt that my niece was due to go on a trip to Srirangam, which is
famous for it’s Ranganathaswamy temple, the R swamy who was sleeping in
her brain suddenly woke up and poked her. She thought that such a statuette
was sure to be available for sale in Srirangam and immediately placed a request
for one. My niece was very obliging but she wanted a picture of the statuette
and details like the size and material etc. So, I got an order, not to comment or
question, but to run to my friend’s clinic, get a picture of the idol on my phone
and also get the measurements and approximate weight.

I went to my friend’s clinic and put in a request for a ‘darshan’ of ‘Ranganatha swamy’
and also permission to take a picture. Our conversation went thus,

“What Swamy?”


“What happened to him?”

“Nothing happened to him, I wanted a picture”

“Why are you asking me for it?”

Then I knew that the matter needed some explanation. I explained to him about his
figurine, my wife’s wish, and the need for the picture.

“Oh you mean that god lying on a snake? Someone had brought it from Pondicherry.
It was on my table for a long time. But I don’t know where it is now ”

He searched around for it. In his medicine cabinet, under his x ray machine, behind
the refrigerator and in all the drawers of his table. But there was no trace of Ranganatha
in his clinic. He called his wife (like me, his clinic and residence are in the same
premises) and she looked around in other rooms. But Ranganatha had disappeared.
His wife very apologetically said “sorry”, took my number and said that she would
make a detailed search and would send me the picture as soon as she found the idol.

The granite figurine of Ranganatha swamy, which is on my friend's table.

My wife was disappointed and sent Ranganathaswamy back to the corner of her brain
to resume his sleep. My niece breathed easy, finished her Srirangam trip and returned
without  Ranganathaswamy. The matter was forgotten.

Few days after the Ganesha festival, my friend called me.

“Raghu, We found that idol which you were looking for” He said. “I feel that the god
himself sent you to my place”

“No, it was my wife who sent me. Not the god”

“You are not getting my point. Let me explain” and he continued,

"After you left that day, we searched all over the house but we could not find the
idol. I had not cared for it when it was there but somehow I felt very bad about
losing it and instructed all our servants to look out for it. And you know what? Our
gardener found it in the sack containing the coconuts from our garden. I don't
know how it got there. Anyway I feel very happy about it. It is back on my table
again. I light a lamp in front of it everyday and that makes me feel that the day has
begun well. I think god himself sent you to make us find him again. You are really
a messenger of god".

I felt like writing about the incident and I have written. But, with the reputation the
messengers of god presently enjoy in our country, I think I should have suppressed it !

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Dashavataarastuti - Vadirajaswamy - 2. Khandeebhavadbahula - Hayagreeva

KhandeebhavatbahuLa dindeera jhrimbhaNa suchandeekritodadhimahaa
kaandaatichitragati shaundaadyahaimarada bhaandaaprameyacharita
chandaashwa khanTamada shundaala durhridayan ghandaabhikhandakaradoh
shchaandamaresha hayatundaakrite drishamakhandaamalapradishame

Khanda = Piece, Khandibhavat = being broken into pieces or Breaking,
Bahula = large quantity, Dindira = Froth, Foam, Jhrimbhana = raising,
Su chandi = very scary, Krita = made, Udhadhi = ocean, Mahaa khaanda =
very deep, Ati chitra gati = very, wonderful, playful movements,  Shaunda =
expert,efficient, Aadya = basis for everything (moola roopi), Haima = made
of gold (Hema = gold ), Rada = teeth, bhaanda = decorated (well arranged)
aprameya = un limited, (prameya =limited) Charita = all activities

Chanda = scary, Ashwa = horse, Kantha = neck (means head here),
Mada = arrogant, Shundala = elephant , Durhridaya = wicked,  Gandha=
‘gandasthala’ of elephant, khanda = break, doh = hand Chanda = Scary
(here, scaring enemies), amara + esha = gods +king, Haya = Horse,
Tunda = Mouth (neck) , Akrite = having figure of, Drisham = Knowledge,
Akhanda = un broken, un diminished, Amala = Pure, Pradisha = Grant, Me = To,me.

One who moves, as if like a play, astonishingly and  expertly in the great
depths of the ocean, making the waves raise and break against each other
and against rocks, producing and shattering great amounts of foam and
thereby making the ocean appear scary, who is the basis or start of everything,
and who is endowed with unlimited qualities and activities

Capable of breaking the ‘gandasthala’ of the wicked elephant like Hayagreevaasura,
who has a arrogant horse form, easily with your hands, (you) who is scary to
enemies, king of gods, having the form of horse (here, hayagreeva the god)
with well arranged set of teeth of gold (OR decorated with golden set of teeth
OR decorating the ocean with your presence), grant me divine knowledge,
whole and pure.  

Dashavataaara Stuti - Vadirajaswamy - 1 Proshteesha Vigraha.... Matsyaavataara.

Proshtheeshavigraha sunishteevanoddhata vishishTaambuchaari jaladhe
loshTaantaraahita vicheshTaaghamaugha parameshTiditatvamavamaat
preshTaarkasoonu manu cheshTaarthavaatmavidateeshTo yugaantasamaye
stheshTaatma shringadhrita kaashTaambuvaahana varaashTaapadaprbhatano

(You, who is) In the form of king of fishes Proshteesha  - proshti + eesha
= Fish having a spout + King/Lord, (Proshti can be sub divided into
Pra+ ushti meaning spouting water) Vigraha = Form, Suneeshtivanodhdhata
 = 1. sprouting great mass of water mixed with air, (‘udhdhata’ is upwards,
like what a whale does) 2. And it also means, ‘(he) who has a great heaving
agitated ocean, 3. also can mean, agitating the ocean (like child’s play),  
Vishishta ambuchaari jaladhe = containing the great (vishishta) ocean
creatures (ambuchari). But god himself can be decsribed as vishishta
ambhuchaari = moving effortlessly in the water and the only one remaining
till end ie pralaya. And the adjective Jaladhe may also mean, (he who is)
sea of kindness, sea of strength, sea of ananda etc etc.
Koshtantarahita -  koshta+antara+ahita =   ( Koshta =stomach, antara=inside,
ahita= placed) Keeping in your stomach, Vicheshta=  undisturbed,
Aghamaugha - agama + ogha + = cluster of all agamas, holy scriptures ie,
the vedas (and) parameshti=brahma, idita=worshipped (being worshipped
by Brahma)  tvam+ ava + mam = you + protect +me.

Preshta + arka+ sunu+ manu = very dear + sun + son + Manu, cheshtaartha -
cheshta + artha =  activites + for the sake of , atmavit - atma+vit = atma + know
about, ateeshto - ati + Ishto = very + dear, yugaanta+ samaye = end of yuga + at
the time of,  stheshta = unperturbed, atma shringha = horn of paramaatma
himself, Dhrita = supported/supporting, kaashthaambuvaahana - kaashtha+ ambu +
vaahana = wooden+water + carrier, Varaashthapradaprabhatano - vara +
ashthaprada + prbha + tano = the best + golden+ radiance/brilliance + body.

You, in the form of a great fish, moving effortlessly in the heaving ocean,
spouting water and air into the sky and also agitating the other great ocean
creatures and the ocean itself, keeping the agamas un disturbed within you,
and being worshipped by Brahma himself,

You, who is very dear to ‘aatmagnaani’s and who is always unperturbed, and
who, for the sake of continuance of the activities at the end of the yuga by the  
son of sun, Manu, who is dear to you, used your own horn in the body which is
radiant like the best of gold, to keep stable, the wooden carrier (boat) - you
protect us.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Rain Walks - Two of the many

Since the beginning of the rainy season, we, a group of  4-5 people with common interest, have been walking every Sunday for a distance of 10 - 20 kilometers. In pouring rain if it is raining. We start at half past five and start walking in whichever direction appeals to us. Now, we have covered almost all directions and all available roads around our city Ponda. So, last week we decided to cover the first 10 kilometers by car, and walk in a till then uncovered area, which I had been thinking off for quite some time.

This morning saw four of us starting from what is known as Apewal and walk to a village called Keri and from there to another place called Savoiverem and then back to Apewal. It is a circuit of about ten kilometers and a very picturesque one. There is hardly any traffic and the houses are sparse. The road is good and the surroundings absolutely clean and green. I good bird watcher can easily identify about twenty species of birds during the walk. I could identify Warbler, Peahen, Scarlet minivet, Hornbill, Bulbul, Robin, Brahmini kite out of a dozen different birds but none of them were prepared to come into my frame!

Following are some pictures from the walk.

Morning sunrays in a green valley

A clear water stream by the side of the road

Another land scape

My companions for the walk. 

This morning I had planned a 15 km walk connecting some temples around Ponda and called it ‘The Temple Circuit’. Due to  constraints of time, we had to curtail the distance to 10 kms but the route more or less remained the same.

We started at the Kashimutt, Bandora - went to Mahalakshmi temple - then to Gopala Ganapati at Farmagudi - Down to Nagesh Maharudra temple at Bandora - On to Shantadurga and back to kashi Mutt. We were six in the group.

following are the pictures of today's walk.

An interior road, where a Leopard was seen a month back. I call it the Leopard road.

Entrance to the Gopal ganapati temple - Farmagudi Goa

Nageshi Maharudra - what is prominantly seen is the palace of Saundekar, the earstwhile rulers of Ponda. Temple is by the side. You may notice the tower behind the coconut tree. 

Chapel of St roque as seen from Shantadurga temple.

Temple of Shantadurga - one of the famous temples in Goa.

Landscape near Shantadurga

The Kashimutt, from where the walk started and ended.

The temple tower of Mahalakshmi - Bandora

 I was just speaking to some friends and casually said “we had four people for the ‘Nature Walk’ last week, but six for the ‘Temple Circuit’ today”.

One of my friends quipped in  : “Forget your nature and temples doctor, plan a ‘Bar circuit’ and I assure that twelve of us will be with you!!