Sunday, July 24, 2016

Rain walk - Anant temple Savoiverem 

After I had noticed some pain in my right knee joint, I had almost stopped walking. I went swimming every day and walked only a kilometer or two once in a way.  The orthopaedists whom I consulted, said “reduce walking and climbing but you may continue the Yoga exercises.”  But then, I noticed that even though there was no pain while doing my 'Yoga' exercises, the knees twisted considerably during 'Padmaasana' and as a trial, stopped Padmaasana for a few days. The pain in the knees reduced considerably. I stopped Padmaasana altogether and the pain almost disappeared. I started walking more and more. No trouble. I went back to my 3-4 km walking routine and then increased to five. No difficulties. 

Since the last two months I had been gradually increasing the distance and reached ten kilometers. Last Sunday we decided to walk to the Sri Anant temple at Savoiverem near Ponda and we walked the distance of 11.5 kilometers in two hours. It was pouring and we were soaked. But whenever the rain reduced a bit and allowed taking the camera out, I took some pictures. I will never tire of watching, clicking  and posting the abundant greenery of the Goan countryside during rains. Sorry if you are tired. And sorry for the story of my knee. it was a preamble for my walk report.

The Ponda- Savoiverem road, clean and green. The only traffic, three pairs of legs! For a short while there were another four pairs which belonged to the two foxes which jumped onto the road from the wooded area next to it. But as soon as they saw us they disappeared into the shrubs not waiting to pose for my camera.

The wooded area mentioned above

Occasionally the roadside shrubs gave a break exposing the hilly area beyond and the clouds hanging over it.

Another part of the road. A gentle climb taking you to the green plateau shown below. 

This is where you hear peacocks screaming their head off. If you go deeper and if you are lucky, may see them.
The temple of Sri Anant.  My favourite temple. What you see here is the back. the front is facing the river about a hundred meter away. The Temple is almost always empty. Rarely you find one or two others in the temple, having come there to seek the god's, opinion on some important matter. You may see the priest if you go there late in the evening. The worship starts late evening and goes on till mid night or beyond. It takes hours to make the elaborate coloured sandal paste decoration and it is promptly removed soon after and the temple is closed!

My friends Shivdeep and Pramod who joined me for the walk.

The forecourt - clean, silent and picturesque.  Wonderful place for meditation if one is inclined

The temple premises

The interior, the pillar to the right is the sacred pillar through which God's opinion is elicited.
Wet flowers are stuck on to the pillar and based on the pattern in which they fall down, the priest interprets the verdict.

Greenfields around the temple. Soothing to the eyes.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Week Of Rains - Want More?

Remember my post written with lot of excitement just after it started raining? Yes?  Well, I am surprised.  No? I understand and I don’t grudge. Any way, if yes, remember what I wrote at the end? It will be a bigger surprise if I get another yes. I had said that the wholehearted welcome notwithstanding, I would be waiting for a ray of sun shine if it keeps raining for a week. 

That time has come. 

It has been raining without break for a week now and everything is damp and mouldy. While I wait for the sun to appear and brighten things I am posting some pictures from around the house - converting the words in the previous post into visuals.  Yes, I do have better things to do - outside the house - but I decided to remain indoors and I needed something to keep me occupied.  How I kept myself occupied? You know now. Please bear with me.
The ladder remained on the ground and fungus grew on its feet. 
Anything wrong with the foot? - keep the foot up. Thats what I have tried here. I hope I can save the feet.

It is my responsibility to save my patient's feet too. The sidewalk is covered with moss.

Backyard looks like a cyclone affected area.

Rain makes patterns in the water collected around the house.  I hope it does not seep in and make patters on my walls.

A major part of the room is converted into a clothesline and the fan is on  24*7