Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Enchanting River Of Tambdi Surla

Happened to visit a place close to the Tambdi Surla temple in Goa. A friend's property next to the crystal clear river flowing down to join the Mandovi,  after jumping down from the top creating the Tambdi surla water falls. I was captivated by the beauty of the place. Following are the sights.

Monday, July 27, 2020

The Snail and Me

I met this snail when I stepped out of the door for my morning walk, today. He was
crossing our front yard at about an inch a minute. I took care not to step on him,
wished him a good day and went on my way.

It is my practice to wash my feet at the garden tap when I return from my walk.
I was about to turn the tap on when I saw the snail perched on the knob. I took
my hand away in haste. Have you ever touched a snail ? It doesn’t sting you or
burn you. But your hands get slimy and you will have to get the skin off your hands
to get rid of the slime ! I experienced it once, when a relative of my today’s friend
was sitting on the clutch lever of my scooter,  contemplating on his next move. 

I don’t know what made this snail move in that direction and take up the strenuous
exercise of climbing up the pipe and reaching the top of the knob. Maybe he just kept
moving without bothering to see where he was going and why ?  Maybe it was god’s
will, destiny, fate or whatever you prefer to call it ! The fact is that it just ended up there
and was now sitting there feeling stupid. And it has no idea what to do further ! 

I was amused because it's somewhat akin to my present situation. I had no clue
where I was heading and why. I was just moving in the direction in which god, fate,
destiny or just my stupid brain asked me to and ended up where I am. And just like
this snail, even I have no idea what to do further !

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Enchanting Interiors Of Goa During Rains

The interiors of Goa are always charming. The charm multiplies when it rains.
We happened to drive through the Dabal - Kodli area last evening. The
Dudhsagar waters flow into the region here and are called the Opa river.
This river is my source of water and is a blessing for Ponda.

During the drive of about twenty kilometers, the beauty hooked us and stopped
us at least half a dozen times. We were happy to oblige. I got out to enjoy the
rain drops, breath deep and of course, take pictures. Forgot everything else other
than nature's beauty for a few moments !
This was the prime mining belt once. When mining was in full swing, the trucks
ran bumper to bumper, twenty four hours a day, on the roads which you see in
these pictures.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Mansoon Roadside Greenery

I have posted some pictures of the ordinary wayside plants that I see every morning. Nothing exotic, great or fascinating. One may wonder about this act of mine involving trivialities when our lives are being taken over by other ‘Burning’ issues. Yes, apart from the issues of raging spread of viral infection and flaming prices of fuel, there is a literally ‘burning’ issue in my city, where bodies of people who succumbed to the infection elsewhere in the state, were brought and burnt in the city crematorium. As expected, every person is shooting words of his understanding and choice and our elected representatives are trying to make best use of the situation for their benefit. To put it in short, everyone is going mad and so am I, probably in a somewhat different way !
While being mindful of the existing situation, I would like to take my mind off these things for sometime and taking these pictures and writing these posts help. And it is something that I love !
These, as I said earlier are the roadside plants which come up in no time during the rainy season and flourish as long as the season lasts. They always look fresh and make the world around me green and beautiful for sometime and I am grateful for their presence. It is a pity that they are there only for a few months every year. Nobody plants them and nobody takes care of them. They grow in abundance and in a variety of shades, sizes and shapes. They line the streets and cover up all the garbage that we have thrown there over the years. I would rather have these plants around me in the form of a wild garden than a manicured Mughal garden or Kew garden ! I get overwhelmed by their presence every year and end up writing something about them and posting the pictures.
That is about nature at its best, in spite of our efforts to destroy it. The one picture where you see people is our group trying to do something to support nature in its efforts. Four years down the lane, the eighty saplings that we had planted, are now full grown trees. They are thriving very well and are a feast to the eyes. But we did lose a few. We planted four more in their places this morning.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Majorda - Goa on a summer morning

Spent a summer morning walking on the beach - wonderful sunrise
and soothing sound of the waves. Just storing the pictures here.