Monday, November 15, 2010

Smithsonian Museums (little bit about)

Washington DC was hot on that summer afternoon, 26th of June 2010 and after a heavy lunch no one was prepared to think of anything beyond the walls of the comfortable suite of the Hotel Capitol Hill Suites. However, I was keen to go and see a bit more of Washington DC and particularly the Smithsonian museums and Vishwa was willing to accompany me. But we had to rush through and be back by evening. The metro guide showed that we had to take just one train – blue line- from the Capitol South station which was about five minutes walk from the hotel and that it should not take more than ten minutes to reach the Smithsonian station, very close to the natural history museum.

I enjoyed travelling by the Metro service in Washington DC. The stations were not crowded, the directions and instructions were very clear, trains were frequent and comfortable. Vishwa actually had parked the car in one of the stations soon after our arrival in Washington DC and we had decided to move around by train.

The Natural History museum, as expected was very interesting and enlightening but I had to see what would require a full day, in one hour.

We rushed through the NH museum and hurried towards the Museum of Aerospace. We had to change trains at LE plaza, travel fifteen minutes by another train and then walk a considerable distance to reach the Aerospace museum but it was worth every bit of the effort. I was very happy to see the plane built by the Wright brothers, the vintage planes and the world war machines. Again, it would require a full day to do justice to the exhibition.

Had I got enough time I really would have spent a full day there but we were already delayed. Still, I managed to go through all the sections before coming out reluctantly and catching the train back to the hotel.

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