Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ah, Monsoon again!

Rains are here again. I love the rains in Goa and I consider myself lucky to be in a position to say so. I have a roof over my head that does not leak and I do not have to run through foot deep water to catch a bus or ride a two wheeler in pouring rain to reach my work place. I do not have to look for a dry spot in front of a road side shop to spread a cut open cardboard carton to sleep at night. I do not have to hurriedly spread a sheet of plastic to cover the wares that I have kept for hawking on the footpath as the drops start falling from the sky. I do not know if these people can love the rains. I feel sorry for those who suffer because of rain but love the season nevertheless. I thank god for keeping me in a position to do so.

This year we left Goa just as the demarcation between pre -monsoon showers and the monsoon rains disappeared and returned two days back to find the monsoon in full swing. It had been raining for five days and the branches of the plants next to our side walk had bent over forcing one to bend at the waist to reach the door from the gate. The cement floor was getting slippery threatening to break the back if stepped up on carelessly.

There had been a backlog of cases in the clinic and I remained indoors the last two days ignoring what was happening outside. Today being my half day I could survey around the house, clean the side walk, tie up the branches of the plants (with the help of my son who, for once, appeared to be willing), remove the dry leaves which had clogged the water outlets on the roof and then sit in front of our balcony to enjoy a hot cup of tea, enjoying the cool weather, watching the pouring rain. Feels very nice.


Sushma said...

'Hotte Uri' is happening here,Raghu Mama :(
You put such posts up when we at Chennai are sitting shut in our rooms with the A/C on at 18 degrees, but hardly effective thanks to low voltage... wishing we could go out to get a breath of fresh air, but looking out of the window at bare, 'cloudless' skies and motionless trees instead.. and rueing our fate.

Ravi said...

You brought back wonderful memories with this photo, Raghu. had a lovely time there. Hope to be back.

M S Raghunandan said...

Hope you can really make it again Ravi. Always welcome.

Take it easy Sushma. shortly you will be shifting from sweltering heat to pleasant carbon monoxide.