Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bird Video

I managed to use the ‘motion picture’ facility in our camera for the first time and succeeded in getting not just a blur but a picture in which one can differentiate between the bird and the Banana. The base of the fridge was not intended to be shot but entered the clip on its own will. This is a trial to see if I can attach the video to the post. Following is the caption, bit lengthy.

Sometime back I had written in this blog about the bird (red vented bulbul) which visited our kitchen everyday for its share of banana fruits. It used to perch on the window of the kitchen every morning and afternoon, chirping incessantly to inform us that it was time for its meal and we better move out. If we remained there, it used to fly away and return after sometime with louder chirping demanding to know what business we still had there. But it never came in when one of us were there.

All of a sudden it stopped coming and our bananas were not touched even though they were hanging in the same place and were of the same quality. The bird was being seen around the house but it never flew in for the meal. I thought that it was either fed up with the same fare every day or that it was a different bird not aware of the availability of an easy meal.

Now, after about two years, I noticed one of the fruits in the bunch partly eaten and the familiar beak marks. Then I saw the birds, two of them now, boldly flying in and out of our kitchen whenever they desired a snack, ignoring our presence. I do not know if they are a different bolder pair who heard about the bananas through the birdie grapevine or the same old Bulbul back with a bolder companion after deciding that same fare everyday is better than no fare at all.

Since they attack many fruits, I am forced to leave only one fruit hanging and take out the others. One of them flew away when I went near with the camera and the other remained to get the last beakful and flew out only after I went even closer.

Adding this after seeing the video clip on the post : Sorry for the bad video. I was expecting it to be better. Just as i saw it before uploading. It seems to have gone bad during transport. I have no idea how to make it better. Please bear.

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