Friday, November 25, 2011

Mr Pawar got what was meant for all politicians.

All the front pages today are carrying the news of Mr Harvinder Singh slapping the union agriculture minister Sri. Sharad pawar. Everyone whose words find space in the news columns condemned the act outwardly, probably feeling within themselves - “serves him right”.

Congress, as expected, blamed BJP for the incident. These parties can use any incident to blame each other and can talk with equal irresponsibility. I better not put a strain on my keyboard typing about their ways.

I am sure that Mr Harvinder only wanted to demonstrate his anger at the way the politicians are running, ruining rather, the country and did not have any intention of really harming Sri Pawar. He did have a dagger with him which he did not use. I am also sure that there was nothing personal in the act. He was probably angry with the present situation in the country and since it is the politicians who are running the country, he obviously (and correctly)held them responsible for everything bad. He probably wanted to slap one of the clan to demonstrate his feelings. He made an attempt on Sri Sukhram and failed. Since his teachers had taught him to try and try again to succeed, he tried again and succeeded in the second attempt.

I am not justifying slapping a people’s representative but I will be lying if I say that I have never had an urge to do the same. Three things have prevented me from doing it. 1. I do not follow up on my urges seriously. 2. I have some inhibitions (and unfortunately do not have a deranged mind which can overcome them). 3. I do not have enough guts.

The NCP in Maharashtra called for a Maharashtra bundh. Where is the connection? Why bundh in Maharashtra or anywhere else for that matter if someone slaps Pawar? Just because NCP can enforce a bundh there? These political parties act whichever way they want taking the ordinary citizen for granted. One very valid and solid reason to slap a politician.

Anna Hazare on hearing about the slapping is said to have reacted with
‘Was he slapped?’
‘Was he slapped only once?’
Though I do not attribute much to his utterances after he started uttering through his ‘topi’, I would click on ‘like’ for this one.

On hearing about the incident, Mr Pranab mukherjee is said to have exclaimed ‘where the country is going?’
We have no idea Mr Mukherjee. Really. You are the leader and we are going wherever you are taking us.

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Vinay said...

Country is going the naxalite way (only as far violent method is concerned )of anti establishment, except the target is better aimed at.