Sunday, May 27, 2012

Selling Education

When I was in school, the schools did not advertise to get students. When they started selling education, they had to.

I started seeing

XYZ School / College  -  Well qualified and Dedicated teaching staff, Regular tests,Well stocked library, Personal attention etc etc.

Then it was

Well ventilated class rooms, Hygienic Canteen facilities and  Stress on all round development.


Air conditioned hostel, internet in Library, Landscaped surroundings and so on and so forth.

Now, this school in Panjim highlights  ‘Jeans and T shirt for uniform’  but only has ‘improvised’ class rooms. (I hope at least the English teacher knows the difference between improved and improvised.)

What I suggest to other schools to beat competition.

Free mobile phone on admission and mobile charging points  on every desk.
Valentine day, Friend ship day, Rose day etc etc officially celebrated - classes off.
And if space permits,
Movie theater on campus.


Anil Jagalur said...

I mentioned only the improvised classrooms in my comment on Fb and forgot to add the "level" of the English teacher but you covered that too. Good one.

Srinath said...

Wait for few more days. Wehn you catch your next train, you will see the 'academicians' selling BA, B cOM, BE degree like Chai, Chai