Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One For Me - One For You.

This papaya fruit is as small as a guava. It was green yesterday and had turned almost orange this morning. Ripe overnight without giving any indication. Reminded me of “neladinda moLakeyodevaaga tamtegaLilla, phala maaguvandu tutturidaniyilla” -  DVG.

Coming to the Guava, many people advised me to tie a plastic cover or a sock over them to protect them from Bats. I decided to do that only if bats turned as destructive as monkeys. I would not grudge them getting their fair share. It was as though the bats read my thoughts. Guava’s usually grow in pairs and the bats eat one and leave the other. This is the fifth. So it is one for me, one for you. I hope the understanding continues to work. 

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Ravi said...

Protection money (fruit) for the bats!