Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shielding Fish From Rain!

Ever heard of someone holding an umbrella over fish to shield it from rain?                                                                      

Well, that is what exactly one of my friends did last night!

We were at a party in a farm near Ponda, (incidentally a fresh water fish farm but no true Goan would touch a fresh water fish with a barge pole, leave alone holding an umbrella over it to protect it from rain.) and some of my friends were frying fish (King fish, fresh from the Arabian sea) in the open. It rained, there was only one umbrella, and it was used to shield the fish being fried while the group of onlookers hovering around, offering useful suggestions, eagerly anticipating the outcome, got wet.

For a Goan fish is priority and a king fish, as its name suggests, deserves royal treatment.

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