Thursday, May 16, 2013

IPL Match Fixing

I really do not understand why there should be such a hue and cry over the IPL match fixing. In our country everybody who can fix something fixes it. I fix teeth. The railway minister fixes positions in railway board. The law minister fixes CBI reports. The telecom minister fixes 2G, 3G or whatever. Our poor cricketers know only cricket and they fixed cricket. Probably they were just a few lakhs short for their next BMW bike or the Ferrari car. It is not their fault actually. Did anybody lodge a complaint? No. Our ‘aam aadmi’ was happy with IPL. He enjoyed Shahrukh khan’s dance, Katrina’s item and the cheerleader’s cheers. Why did the police have to butt in, bringing the last page IPL to the front page and rob poor Sanjay dutt of his rightful place? 

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Raghu said...

Goog one Raghu!