Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Monsoon !

I am not keen on celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. I like what the Kannada writer Beechi said when he turned sixty and people started congratulating him. “What is so great about turning sixty? Any stupid fellow who doesn’t die, will be sixty one day”. (“aravattaguvudEnu mahaa? saayadE  uLida yaava bhanDanigaadarU aaguttade aravattu!)

I do not celebrate the new year day, middle year day or the year end days, nor, father’s day, mother’s day or the dentist’s. They make no sense to me.

And I think there is really nothing to celebrate about Diwaali, Christmas or Ramzaan.

What I feel like celebrating is the onset of monsoon. At a time when we don’t know what is in store for us  - what with the mindless environmental abuse we are indulging in - I consider the onset of monsoon is an indication that mother nature has forgiven us yet another time.

Sometime during April- May, the water supply department starts giving out bulletins about the stock of water available in their reservoirs and how long it would last. That makes me fear what we would do if the rains are not on time and if we run out of water? I don’t know what they call the phobia of having to live without water but I have it. My anxiety levels increase with the decreasing levels of water in the reservoirs and when the monsoon sets in it disappears for another year. When I see the rain pouring, I feel like dancing. But I do not dance because, if I do, my family would start praying that it never rains again.

The monsoon is right on time this year and it started raining this morning. I like the sight of drops of rain falling from the sky and pouring out from the tips of coconut leaves. I like the sight of water drops on the papaya. I like the sight of water flowing between the flag stones and collecting in a puddle around the plants in my garden. If I were a poet I would write a poem every year (thank your stars that I am not) but I have to make do with a few drab words that are at my disposal.

So, HAPPY MONSOONS !  (For anyone who cares)


Anu said...

Happy Monsoon to you Raghu!

rs said...

thank you for posting those two pictures. you made my day.