Sunday, August 25, 2013

An 'Add On' To 'Jog Falls and Keladi Temple'

The sight of the river flowing into the valley at Jog falls overwhelmed the poet and he expressed his emotions in the form of a poem “maanavanaagi huTTidamEle EnEnkanDi” urging the mankind to visit the Jog falls at least once in a lifetime and see the splendour.

Someone who read those lines and enjoyed the sight, agreed with the poet and put up the idea of inviting the then Diwan (chief minister) of Mysore to Jog Falls.

The Diwan accepted the invitation, a day was fixed for the visit and arrangements made. 

The Diwan arrived with his entourage and was conducted to the site. He stood looking at the falls for some time and the entourage waited eagerly for his reaction to the splendid sight.

The Divan Sir M Vishweshwariah uttered four famous words, as famous as the poem, “oh, what a waste,” which sealed the fate of Jog Falls. 

The engineer in Sir MV was thinking how easy it was to generate electricity at the place and how much of water energy was simply being wasted!

The Sharavati power station was built, the Linganamakki dam was constructed and Jog falls became history.

The poet had said “maanavanaagi huTTidamEle EnEnkanDi
                              Saayotanaka samsaaradoLage ganDaagunDi
                              HErikonDu hOgOdilla sattag banDi
                              IrodroLage omme nODu jogad gunDi

Meaning, “It is the same ‘day to day’ grind till death,  look at the jog at least once while alive.”  (I did not get the meaning of the third line - probably it means “no one will carry your body (there) after you are dead”). 

In short - "forget your daily grind, enjoy the sight of Jog falls"

And Sir M V said, forget the jog falls and use the energy to ease your daily grind.

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