Saturday, May 17, 2014

Summer Storm

I was having a peaceful post lunch siesta when I heard a distant rumbling and this is what I saw when I looked out of the window. Sun shining on the tree tops near my house and dark clouds above the nearby hillock. 

By the time I took the picture from the window and went to the balcony  half the sky was dark

It was already getting darker and few drops had started falling when I went on to the terrace.

In a minute it got very dark and the birds were getting disoriented. There was lot of lightning and thunder and I wanted to get a picture of the lightning. But I was barefoot and it was like standing on a frying pan on the terrace. I rushed down.

It was pouring the next minute but it lasted just a minute. 

The rain wet the ground, increased humidity and the power supply got cut for an hour because some where a branch fell on a line because of the wind.

That was all the benefit we got from the summer storm which made a big noise, blew a lot of wind, created lot of excitement and petered away just as fast.

I hope the Modi tsunami does not turn out to be a summer storm! 

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Nagraj Rao said...

Ugula kintha manthra jasthi !