Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Large Green Barbet

I was in the middle of my breakfast - 2nd Dosa to be specific - when my wife excitedly pointed out of the kitchen window and said “see, there is a bird there. Barbet, Coppersmith or something, on the guava tree”. I left my plate, ran to the window and found this Large Green Barbet sitting on a branch quite close to us and contemplating on the next move. It sat there for quite some time selecting a fruit, eating it and in the process provided poses which even my shaky (and greasy) hands and obsolete camera could capture. (For those whose eyes are worse than mine - the bird is in the center of the frame)

It looked at the fruit right in front of it, which would have given me a great chance, but decided against it and went for one hidden from my view, even though it had to exert itself to eat it. 
Bending all the way down and eating the fruit.
Halfway through, felt that the day was going well and  paused to give a profile pose - left

Then a profile pose - right 

And looked inquiringly - straight ahead.

Thought that the other side of the fruit may taste better, turned back 
Went all the way down not caring about exposing its underbelly 
 and had flown away by the time I went out for an even better view.

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