Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sab Kuch Paisaa Kaa Mamlaa Hai

I checked the tooth and kept my instruments aside.

“This tooth is quite bad and not easy to treat”
“Do I have to get it removed? I don’t want extraction”
“No, there is no need to remove it but it requires a lot of treatment”
“Please do whatever is required doctor. I don’t want to lose the tooth”
“We can certainly save it. But it will need  RCT and a crown”
“That is fine with me”
“It will take many visits. First for the RCT and then for the crown”
“I will come as many times as you call doctor. I just don’t want to get it removed. You see I have already lost many teeth and know how important it is to save this. It is a god given gift”
“I do agree with you. You could have saved your other teeth as well.”
“Yes but I did not know they could be saved. Good you told me”
“So, when would you like to start?”
“You tell me doctor. I don’t mind if you start right now”
“I can. It may take an hour and I will have to give an injection to numb your tooth.”
“Take as much time as you want doctor and I don’t mind injections. I can bear pain. No problems.”
“Right then. We will start. By the way, I hope you have seen the chart displayed in the waiting room explaining the cost of treatment.”
“Oh I did not notice. What would be the cost?”
“Anywhere between eight to ten thousand”
“And the cost of extraction?”
“About five hundreds”
“You better remove the tooth doctor. Anyway I am avoiding biting that side because of pain and can manage like that in future also”!

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