Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tamdi Surla Revisited

Starting point - The 13th century 'mahadev' temple built by the Kadambas, now being maintained by the archaeological survey of India.

The first few hundred meters are fine. Easy going path. Cool breeze. Chirping birds

Cool streams with clear water

And then the obstacles start - crawling underneath over grown shrubbery and catching leeches all over the body

Trying to step over fallen bamboo stems - trying our best to avoid cuts and scratches 
 Climbing  over when crawling below is not possible and learning that crawling and catching leeches was better  
and negotiating slippery rocks at the final stage

In spite of getting rid of leeches with salt, one stubborn leech remains gorging on my blood 

and then the falls!

Forgetting all the hardships and enjoying the chilly shower before filling the stomach and returning.

Points learnt from the latest trek,

The reception committee of chirping birds which you find at the beginning is nature's way of fooling you. The real committee consists of hungry leeches and mosquitoes.

Better add a tube of insect repellent, 'Koito' ( Scythe - this is  to cut the over growth coming in your way but will be handy if you try to kill a mosquito. If you see their size you would think twice before trying to kill them with bare hands), a rope and a stout stick to the list of things to carry.

The path climbs and dips putting considerable strain on your heart, lungs and joints. Service them before you start.

Streams which look six inches deep are always one and a half feet when you step into them.

The over grown branches which you carelessly try to  swipe aside with your hands always have thorns on them and those which you try to kick aside never fail to trip you.

Hanging  overgrowth which are in the way are always at the height of your eyes irrespective of your height!

Nature always has an upper hand, however clever you are.

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