Saturday, August 1, 2015

Nagesh Maharudra Temple at Nageshi, Ponda.

Our swimming pool is closed for maintenance since the last fifteen days and is expected to remain closed for another month or so. Some of us, the addicted ones, now infest the temple pond of Nageshi at Bandora, Ponda. I have visited Nageshi a number of times but the greenery of the rainy season, the overnight rain and the early morning fog had given a refreshing  new look to the temple and its surroundings. I was tempted to take some pictures and post them here.  

The washed road to Nageshi and greenery all around.
Early morning fog covers the hillocks surrounding the temple. The tower seen amidst greenery is the temple of Shantadurga. 

Abode of Nagesh Maharudra. The rainy season grass covers the courtyard, provides a wonderful contrast and adds to the beauty. 
The inviting waters of the picturesque temple pond.

The green surroundings and the fish in the pond provide a break for the pool users from the monotony of the blue ceramic tiles. It is a pleasure to watch the fish swimming under you. The bigger ones which are capable of biting your fingers off  remain stationary at the bottom and stay put till you stretch your hands.

And if you are lucky you may even find a colourful water snake keeping you company. They are supposed to be harmless and non poisonous. (Till they bite you!) My friend Triambak was the lucky one yesterday. 

Another view of the pond

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