Sunday, March 13, 2016

Evening setting - Madkaim, Ponda

While driving aimlessly around the out skirts of Ponda I was on the loop road which starts near the Mahalaksmi temple, goes winding through the villages of  Bandora, Gaune and Veling and comes out to join the highway at Mardol. When we neared the entrance of the industrial village Madkai, I turned towards the cause way crossing the backwaters at the entrance of Madkai and found this very appealing evening setting. I usually like any place where there is water and ended up walking along the new road being constructed between Madkaim and  Durbhat. Here are the scenes which made the evening walk a very pleasant one.
Clean water for a change, if you ignore the edge. Notice the house on the left amidst the palms? lucky people aren't they?

Same place from another direction, after walking half a kilometre.

Mangroves which are supposed to be home for a lot of birds and aquatic life. The flying specks are the Brahmini kites which roost in the mangroves.

Plenty of egrets. The white spots which are visible in the middle. I was happy to see them as they should be. I pity the dirty ones which I see around the garbage dumps in Ponda.

The sun sets and our evening around the back waters end.

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