Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Last Post

It is fifteen days since we returned from our two month trip to the US.  The last week there was mostly spent in preparing to leave, making sure that we collect and put all our belongings - spread all over the house - into the bags and return the assorted jackets, gloves, caps and other materials borrowed from the other members of the household. We started back on the election day and I visited a voting booth in the morning just to see how it looks.
  Flew back into India with no cash to tip the porters at the airport and pay for the taxi, thanks to our beloved PM trying to clean up the economy.  Managed to reach home as my brother in law was kind enough to be present at the ungodly hour of 2 am at the airport. Spent the last fifteen days picking up the threads and getting back into the groove again.

There was nothing significant to write about but there were some photographs which I thought I would put on the blog and end my overseas posts. Here they are.
A nearby Sub-division. I envy the owners of this backyard.

Made another visit to the Hines park. View from a hillock.

Just a stretch of the road which I liked a lot

Leaves fallen on the shrubbery underneath the tree - look like flowers!

A stream running through the city park of Farmington

Ducks come out to feed

A chilly morning the day before we left. Soon it would start snowing. I wish I had seen the sight but am happy to miss the cold. 

An election booth close home. In this case, a church. Apart from their president, the Americans also elected Congressmen, County commissioner, Attorney general, Judge, Police commissioner and many others. Neat election but a nasty result as some would say!

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