Monday, October 18, 2010

New York

To avoid the hassles of driving and parking in New York, we had planned to leave the van at Nanda’s place in Plainsboro, go over to New York by train, see whatever we can, return by evening and proceed to Washington DC.

We did have intentions of starting early but when Nanda dropped us at the Princeton junction station, it was nearing 10 AM on 25th June 2010. We bought return tickets,

and were on our way in another ten minutes. I could find a seat next to the window and tried to absorb as much of the scenes as possible in my brain and in the camera’s memory card.

By quarter past eleven we were in the Newark Penn station.

Vishwa the leader, was the only person who had a fair idea where we were and how we should proceed. But he was not very confident too. He consulted instruction boards, automated information kiosks, his cell phone and a few humans who looked approachable and managed to get the required information and tickets. We had to take a metro red line train to reach the World Trade Center station.

It did not take long to reach WTC and we were there in fifteen or twenty minutes. This is the group minus Vishwa the photographer, just before emerging out of the WTC station.

We had to Head towards Broadway, walk through to Battery park and catch the ferry to reach the statue of Liberty.We came into the open, in front of the place where the WTC stood and where the New World Trade Center is being built and looked this way, that way trying to find the correct direction

and after a few minute’s walk, were glad to note that we were headed in the right direction.

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