Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ford Auto Museum

My wife had seen the Auto museum during her previous visit to Detroit, and so, I had a fair idea as to what to expect there. But what she had remembered was not even one fourth of what was present. The museum contains hundreds of exhibits which can be loosely categorized as cars - through the ages, antique farm equipments and house hold articles, vintage aircraft, locomotives and dozens of other unique items.

Again, it was impossible to go through all the sections in detail. I took a quick round of the aircrafts and cars and it consumed about forty minutes. This picture is a vintage Bugatti taken for my son to worship.

The presidential cars attracted me because of the aura around them and I spent a little longer, looking at and reading the information on each one of them. Felt some unexplainable feeling when I was in front of the limousine in which president Kennedy was assassinated.

I distinctly remember the attendant of our school bringing the holiday notice to our class on the occasion of John F Kennedy’s death. I was in third standard. We did not know the gravity of the situation. We had ran home shouting in joy because of the unexpected holiday.

There were many exhibits in front of which I would have loved to stay longer. But it was not possible. However, I managed to take a closer look of at least a few of them.
Like, One of the earliest Harley Davidsons,

This ten seater bicycle which had been made to promote /advertise some product which I do not remember now.

The letter of appreciation written by Parker and Barrow, the bank robbers, to Henry Ford, appreciating the Stolen Ford V-8 with which they managed to outsmart the police and escape. Etc.

I was appreciating this steam engine thinking of the times when it might have run on the rails pulling people, when I glanced at the display board which said that it was some sort of farm equipment.

Just then Vishwa called to say that he is waiting outside to pick us up. That ended the visit to the ford Museum.

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