Monday, April 11, 2011

Anna Hazare - Baba Ramdev

I was just feeling good reading about Anna Hazare’s hunger strike and the support that it was generating. Better times ahead for our country? Like many other arm chair agitators I signed an online declaration affirming my support too and was satisfied that I have done my bit.

This morning I read that there has been some discord in our group with Baba Ramdev making some allegations and Anna Hazare giving some explanations. Un fortunate.

From what I read in the papers Anna Hazare appears to be sound. Since Baba Ramdev urges people to stop using plastic bags and banish Pepsi and Coke, I consider him Ok too.

I do not know what happened between them.

Did Baba Ramdev feel that Anna Hazare is hijacking his ‘Anti corruption’ platform?

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