Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Fight worth Losing

Some years back I made the mistake of getting my blood examined. I repented later but the damage had been done. My blood showed cholesterol levels slightly on the higher side. I am forced to repeat the mistake every year and my blood is very consistent in showing marginally high cholesterol levels. So, one tablet every morning and an advice to cut off all unwanted eating. Tablet every morning is no trouble. Cutting off all unwanted eating is the big trouble. I usually eat more of unwanted stuff than wanted stuff. Sweets, if available, dominate the diet and I have been specifically warned to avoid fried stuff and sweets. I don’t have a sweet tooth. I have many sweet teeth. Fortunately the decay in all of them was detected in time and since I was studying in dental college then, all of them have been filled by good hands (evidently not mine!)and are functioning well even after thirty years. I do not go out and buy sweets. But if there are things lying around, it is a challenge. Craving v/s Cholesterol.

My son had been to Pune recently and when he returned brought back a consignment of rava laddoos lovingly prepared by my sister in law, liberally embedded with cashew nuts and raisins. A day later, one of my well wishers who happens to head a spiritual organization, sent half a kilo of some sort of a combination of Sohan papdi and khova in three different flavours (very tasty) along with Gudi Padva wishes. The very next day one of our family friends who had been to Bangalore returned with quarter kilo of Nandini mysorepak dripping ghee. The same evening my wife had invited some of her distant relatives who were on a visit to Goa and since she was keen to serve them home made stuff, prepared Gulab jamoons which had turned out really well.

It is a tough fight. A 'fight to finish' and I hope i keep losing till all of them are finished.

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Anil P said...

Rava laddoos, well, resisting rava laddoos embellished with raisins and cashew nuts is near impossible.