Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sequel to Dhavala - Ravi's story

Ravi’s story ‘Dhavala’ (it is on his blog www.musings in the aether.blogspot.com) was so good that I could not help spoiling it a bit with a trivialized sequel to it. It is like having a temptation to just pass a nail along the body of a shining car. I do not know where I got this trait from. Surely NOT Jagalur. (I still need my limbs for few more years) May be the genes of Lukkumsandra which are also lurking in my body. Whatever it is, the sequel is the result of me having read about the Yuvaraja of Mysore’s race horses. So with apologies to Ravi, here it is.

Dhavala joined the service of The Maharaja of Mysore and participated in Jambu savari procession. He was a prized possession of the royal family and the Yuvaraja proudly rode on his back. The Yuvaraja later became the Maharaja and had his own Yuvaraja. Dhavala also sired many offsprings, all of them as white and as powerful. The new Yuvaraja was fascinated by these beauties and wanted to ride them. He wanted to ride them, go fighting and get back the kingdom that they had lost long back. But there was a hitch. He was fat and the horses were tall and so the Yuvaraja was unable to heave himself up and get on to their back. Yuvaraja was terribly disappointed and was thinking what to do. By then a lady by name Indira had come along and snatched away his privy purse and shortly afterwards the Maharaja had passed away. No Maharaja, no kingdom, no money. The Yuvaraja had to dispose off most of his possessions as it was not possible for him to maintain them. But he did not want to give up his horses. Dhavala’s breed. So he kept them, trained others to ride them and sent them to the racecourse. Dhavala’s breed were always the fastest and so they won many races, earning a lot of money for the Yuvaraja. He used the money to contest elections and won part of his kingdom back - though only for a few years. Then the Yuvaraja contested many court cases and won back his palaces. He lives in one of them even today and many people go to see these palaces paying an entry fee. I have heard some of them saying that a tall, strong, pure white horse is seen even now around the palace sometimes. If any of you visit the palace and see the horses please enquire about the breed and let me know if I am right.

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