Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thought - Post Goa Assembly elections.

BJP has got majority in the Goa assembly and will form the next government. I am sure that the BJP leaders will claim this as their ‘Victory’, ‘Mandate for good governance’, ‘People’s faith in BJP’ and what not. Let me assure them that it is not a mandate ‘FOR’ BJP as much as it is ‘AGAINST’ the ruling party. BJP just happened to be in the right state at the right time and turned out to be the beneficiary. If there was a real ‘right to reject’ option available to the electorate, it is possible that both the congress and BJP would have lost. Any way BJP should be thankful for the ‘Citizens against corruption’ for creating awareness in the electorate and be thankful to the Congress for ruining themselves. I hope the BJP understands this fact, utilizes the god given opportunity to provide sensible governance and runs the state responsibly. In case they remember their manifesto, which is unlikely, it will be a bonus for the citizens. - My letter to the Editor (Published - Navhind Times 7.3.2012)

Clean Teeth - Clean Image - Clean Sweep

In one of my previous posts I had mentioned that one of the candidates contesting the Goa assembly elections got his teeth cleaned by me before starting his campaign. (For putting up a ‘clean’ image?) One of my cousins, Ravi, had put fear in me saying that he may demand the money back if he loses. Incidentally, he won and I am sure that the ‘clean’ image helped. My fee is safe in my pocket.

Now, I have heard that politicians are extremely superstitious. IF he remembers getting his teeth cleaned - by me that is - before starting his campaign (it is not getting the teeth cleaned that matters it is the hand that did the cleaning and soiled itself in the process ) and IF the word spreads amongst his colleagues, well , there may be a long queue of candidates in front of my clinic before next elections and maybe I will be able to charge as astronomical a sum as the astrologers. Don’t frown at my wishful thinking. Politicians are known to have displayed greater stupidity.

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Ravi said...

Great one, Raghu. I can see your clinic waiting room becoming a hotbed of political intrigue with bigwigs trying to unseat each other.