Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just SomeThoughts

As I have mentioned many times before, some of the news items that I read in the papers create a bigger impact than many others for no apparent reason. I will have a strong urge to do something about them but can’t do anything. And they occupy quite a number of grey cells in my brain of which there is a very limited supply to begin with. So I pick them out (thoughts I mean, not grey cells) and put them here thereby releasing the grey cells and allowing them to take up other essential activities.

Bala Saheb Thackeray’s death took up some space. Not his death as such. He was aged and due. Everybody have to die one day. My condolences and may his soul rest in peace. I am not an admirer of Sri Thackeray. In fact, I do not know much about him except the fact that he was supposed to have been a good cartoonist who was intelligent enough to fire up the ‘Maharashtra for Maharashtrians’ feeling and exploit it for his growth in the society. What upset me was the crazy behavior of his supporters on hearing the news of his illness and death, forcing Maharashtra to close down. Since we are ‘like that only’ I took it in my stride. Today I read the news of two girls being arrested for posting their views (very much similar to mine) about it on the net. I believe the police had to arrest them as they were forced to do so by ‘shivsainiks’. There is no hope for our country and there is no hope for the windowpanes of my house and the windshield of my car if ‘shivsainiks’ read my blog.

The other item I intend mentioning is the death of more than twenty people because in a stampede near Patna. I believe they were there to offer ‘Arghya’ (a religious offering) to the setting sun.  Let me not get into the subject of religion and religious practices or the inadequacies of any government. I will get bogged down up to my neck. I feel bad about the loss of life but I wonder why crowd any place for worshiping the sun?  One of the Kannada proverbs come to mind. “Aakaasha nodoke nookunuggalu” which can be translated as “crowding and jostling, to see the sky!”.

Incidentally, happened to see bits of the movie ‘Oh My God’ on the TV. Very much liked the bits that I saw. Today I read that the ‘Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’ is protesting the screening of the movie (for making fun of gods) during the IFFI in Goa (I do not approve of IFFI in the first place - waste of public money in my opinion, that is another matter) and demanding that Akshay Kumar be not allowed to open the event. He made the movie OMG and is expected to inaugurate the IFFI- Goa.

Anything one does, offends someone else and evokes severe reactions.We are going from bad to worse. 

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