Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kasab's Hanging - My Take

I am a bit late with this subject. It is four days since Ajmal Kasab was hanged. I saw the country ‘celebrating’ the hanging with people dancing on the streets and bursting fire crackers. Our channels telecasted the act just as they did the opening/closing events of Olympics. I do not know if this senselessness is inherent in us or we do it because political outfits eager to get cheap popularity ‘organize’ these things and the media more eager to attract viewers, telecast them. It was sad.

Kasab’s act was horrible, unfortunate, considered war against the country and it was right that according to the law he was to be hanged.  People ‘for’ capital punishment should have heaved a sigh a relief, those against it should have shook their heads and accepted it as something that could not be helped and that was it. It did not call for celebration. The act of hanging was not something like winning a war or test match.  (We have reached a stage where both of these are same for us)

These things remained just as just thoughts in my mind and I had no intention of putting them here. Just now I saw a photograph of ‘supporters’ of MNS carrying a mock Hanging of Kasab in front of CST Mumbai and noticed the expressions of bravery and ferocity in their faces. That made me come out with this post. I don’t think any one of them would have stepped out of their houses if they had heard that Kasab had escaped and was somewhere in Mumbai with another gun in his hand. 

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