Monday, March 24, 2014

Reaction to CM's statement 25.03.2014

BJP workers will get priority for government schemes, Says CM. (head line) Navhind Times 25.03.2014

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has assured party workers that they will be the first to get benefits of government schemes and later on others will be considered without any discrimination. (!!!) (report)

I read the sentence twice to make sure that I am reading it right. I had not read it wrong. Now, either the CM was wrong, or got his wording wrong or the press got it wrong. I hope that it is one of the later two. Because if our CM really meant what he said, he will lose what little respect I still have towards him and BJP will be out of consideration in my voting priorities.

If he means what he said, then it translates to “if you want to be a beneficiary of government schemes then enroll with BJP and be a party worker.”  And after this glaringly discriminatory statement he ridiculously goes on to say “later on others will be considered without any discrimination”.

Every time I see some such statements from our politicians I feel that this is the lowest our politicians can stoop but they always excel themselves and manage to stoop lower than the lowest.

I read till the end hoping to see a disclaimer in small print stating “I have made this statement just to appease the party workers and do not really mean it” but unfortunately there was none.

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