Friday, April 11, 2014

Election commission Of India.

Went early to vote this morning as I did not relish the idea of waiting for half an hour in the hot sun to vote for some undeserving fellow. All of them are undeserving but I have to vote for the best of the worst. I did. 

I had reached there by fifteen minutes past seven hoping to be amongst the first few but there were already about twenty five people in the queue. People smarter than me. I stood in the line mentally preparing to be there for at least forty five minutes (Based on my past experience). Pleasant surprise. I did not have to wait for more than fifteen minutes. The line moved very fast, I was done in no time and I came back wondering at the orderly conduct of polling and the efficiency of Election Commission of India.

I had been following the exchanges between the ECI and the West Bengal chief minister for the past few days and had noted the audacious statement of the CM, WB. It was gratifying to read that she had to bow down to the ECI and follow orders.

We hardly have any institutions in our country worth being proud of. I feel ECI is one. A big LIKE from me for our Election commission. 

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