Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ponda Scenes On A Winter Morning

The notice said “Members and RCC trainees of Ponda Swimming Pool are hereby noted that there is leaks in filter pipe and filtering is stopped.”  This was our swimming pool management telling us that they are NOT closing the pool but you better not use it.

So, I went for a walk. In fact the winter mornings are better for walking than swimming. It has just started getting cold and it is very pleasant to walk along the empty road while the world around seems to pull the dense fog around it tight and sleep a bit longer. I feel the fog makes the usual scenes look better and I get carried away.

As the sunrise is late and the early sun is not very bright I hoped to get a picture of the rising sun and carried the camera. While the sun was not as co operative as I  expected him to be, I got about half a dozen other things which I felt look good. Here they are.

This tree, covered by fog, is the point at which I turn back during my walk. I somehow like it a lot. I might have posted a picture of this earlier. But this scene, I feel,is always worth another look. 

Preparations are on for the annual ‘Jatra’ (temple festival) of the Sateri temple which is on my walking route. The colourful ‘pandal’ erected for the purpose and decorated with lights makes a good subject for my camera 

 The close up of the entrance of the temple festooned with bunches of Coconuts, areca nuts, plantains and pumpkins. The temple is ready for the festivals but the devotees are yet make an appearance.
The cemetery opposite the church - freshly whitewashed for the recently held ‘all souls day’, provides a contrast to the colourful Sateri temple. The souls have had their time and are resting again peacefully.
 The mango tree next to the cemetery.  Full of fresh green leaves looking happy and healthy again provides a contrast to the white of the cemetery wall.

The sun is too dull and I wait patiently for him to rise a bit more and  get a bit brighter. Just then he is partly covered by a cloud and when he reappears he is too bright. My camera either captures  nothing or just bright streaks. Noted the correct time of the sun coming between the branches yesterday and spent half an hour waiting for the right moment today. Not very satisfactory but the best we (me and my camera) could do. I am done with the sun. No more sun pictures.

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