Sunday, November 23, 2014

Some More Action - Hope we do not go too fast and end up losing steam!

In my last post I mentioned that we intend meeting people who matter, inform them about our work and involve them in the process. We learnt that our MP from south Goa, Sri Narendra Sawaikar, was in town and met him. He was appreciative of our efforts, eager to provide help and offered to  join us in our next programme. He sounded keen to dirty his hands ( in the literal sense) and since he was available today, we fixed this morning 6 am to clean up another eyesore. I do not intend giving you a overdose of garbage and hence have kept it short and posted just a few pictures. 
Again, work began early in the morning and our MP was punctual. I was happy to note that he was not there just for the photo-op. He meant what he said, spent a full two and a half hours, did considerable amount of work, dirtied his hands and seemed happy that he joined us. He is the one in the center, bent down.  
This is a place where people throw their garbage packed in plastic carry bags and the Panchayat arranges to set fire to the littered garbage when it feels like. The trash mixed with the melted plastic was not easy to clear and required spades and shovels. 

We raised enough dust. Hope it was noticed.

An adjacent construction site which needs to be filled up, comes handy. 

The spot was in front of the sports complex and some of the walkers and  players were waylaid and pulled in to lend a hand.
Requested the next door fire station to give the finishing touch with a spray of water and they obliged. 

Where is yours truly? Since there were enough hands, I evaded work
and busied myself with the camera. Just my shadow was enough to get things done!

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