Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Delhi Results And The PM's Suit.

So, AAP has used its broom very effectively to sweep out BJP (and all others) from the capital. I never thought that AAP had a chance after its leader acted like a joker while he was occupying the Delhi CMs chair.  May be he had his reasons and may be it was part of a bigger plan. I do not know. But that is how it appeared to a distant lay man.

Now the experts will analyse the result and will ‘bah, blah, blah’ on the media for the next day or two. It may be Amit Shah’s over confidence, BJP’s infighting, Kejrival’s  ‘common man’ approach or the 'out sider' Kiran bedi. I do not know. I am not a psephologist or a self proclaimed expert and in any case nobody will care for my view. But I wonder if the PM’s  famous striped suit turned out to be much more costlier than its tag of Rs 10 lakh?

He had his critics and some of them were justified. But I did not feel they mattered much as far as the PM’s image was concerned, till he exhibited his Rs 10 lakh suit. I don’t grudge an Ambani or Adani their arrogance and indulgences. They have their money or their father’s money, well gotten or ill gotten. But I do grudge when our PM expresses arrogance and indulges with my, the taxpayer’s, money. I have no problem with his Bungalows and BMWs.  He is entitled. But a very personal suit with his name written all over, I feel , is different. We expect our PM to appear humble and frugal. If he had worn a 10 lakh suit which had  ‘Swachch Bharat - Sundara Bharat’, ‘Pehle shouchalay - Badme devalay’, ‘ Make In India - Made in India'  or any of his other slogans which fetched him votes before, it would have been acceptable. But he chose ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi’. No. Not done.

May be the voters of Delhi felt the same and they made him pay for it. Much more than the ten lakh it was worth. Are the ‘achchedin’ over?


Anil Jagalur said...

Achche din over? Before they arrived?

Anil Jagalur said...

It was just that. Achche din - a lot of good sounding noise.

desiherald said...

No its not over I am still hoping to see some acche din, the 10lakhs story did make a lot of news but I recently heard that India blues gifted it to him as they flourished with the Modi brand kurta, as a token of thanks giving.