Sunday, February 15, 2015

Goa Marathon 2015 - At Ponda

 We thought that all work and no play may make POP a dull group and decided to give up the cleaning drive today and instead, go for the ‘Goa Marathon’ organized by the Dr Ramani Foundation at Ponda. None of us are capable of running 21 kms but we thought we could give a try for the 5km ‘dream run’. I do not know why it is called the dream run. May be because you run five kilometers in the morning and since the aching limbs do not allow you to sleep at night, you just dream. Dream of a life devoid of marathons!  

We assembled at the Ponda sports complex grounds at six in the morning and had a very enthusiastic discussion about running and marathons.  We joined hundreds of other enthusiasts at the starting point and to give credit to the group, all of us did run the FIRST FIFTY meters. Then on we managed run/jog/ walk between 2-5 kms as per individual capabilities but all of us enjoyed the event. There were runners who did 21 kms with ease and some of them barefoot. We watched and applauded them. Some very senior citizens did the 3km stretch. It was inspiring and we have decided to start practicing from now and run three kilometers when we reach that age. We have given ourselves about 15- 25 years to practice and perform. Our president Dr Dev finished the full five kms to save our face. Following are some of the pictures of the marathon. 

Fresh and spirited at 6 in the morning
Joining the group at the starting point. My camera captures the dew better. 

Waiting for the run to begin.
A group of young boys run past the Almeida high school

Some very senior citizens begin the 3 km. run

Dr Dev completes five kilometers and saves our face

Scene at the ground

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