Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fooled By the Fruit Bat

Whenever I find the half eaten guava fruits lying on the ground under the guava tree, I look up hoping to find more fruits up there. I usually find some small fruits yet to ripen and make it a point to keep watching them and get at them as soon as they ripen. Before the fruit bat. But the bat almost always beats me.  

I was watering the plants under the tree last evening and casually looked up. I found two fruits just right on one of the upper branches. 

I tried to reach them with the hook like contraption that I have made for the purpose (using a stick, discarded copper pipes, electric wire tags and ‘duck’ tape) but they were beyond my reach.

If I can’t reach them from the ground, I usually can reach them from above, from the balcony. I eagerly ran upstairs, happy to have beaten the fruit bat this time. I bent down from the balcony, much beyond the limit,  risking losing my balance and falling down, and parted the leaves. This is what I found.

The other fruit was still green, not ripe. I heard someone laughing. But the bat was not to be seen.

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