Monday, March 16, 2015

Pleasing The Planets

Tulsi - Holy Basil

I got up earlier than usual and since it felt very pleasant outside, decided to go out and water the plants. I stood there watering the plants and enjoying the fragrance of jasmine when my neighbour’s gate opened with a clatter and his wife came out.

“May I take some ‘Tulsi’ (holy basil) from your yard?”

I have plenty of Tulsi around my house and I asked her to help herself. She came in. Usually I see her in the compound around six in the morning but now it was not even five. I was wondering why she is up so early when she spoke “We are doing a pooja today and it has to be done at the right time to be effective. The ‘muhurt’ is very early.” She paused and answered the question that was forming in my mind. “You see, our daughter is in twelfth standard and she is not getting good percentage. Maths was bringing the percentage down. So she stopped maths and opted for psychology. Still there is no improvement. So we have had her ‘patrika’ (horoscope) examined and ‘Bhatji’ said that some of the planets are not favouring her studies. He suggested this pooja and we hope that she will do well after this. Let us see. Twelfth standard is the turning point no? We have to do all we can.” She collected enough Tulsi to satisfy all the gods and planets and left.

Now, some of you may say that it is all nonsense. Don’t say that. The planets are really helpful if only you know what to do with them. They have helped ‘Bhatji’ and others like him a lot. If you have any doubt just switch on ETV Kannada or Udaya TV  between eight and nine in the morning and count the number of diamond rings on ‘Guruji’s fingers!   

Disclaimer: I have only stated facts and do not intend hurting anybody’s sentiments. Religious, planetary, monetary or otherwise!

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Anil Jagalur said...

Re your disclaimer: Then I question your intentions!! :)