Friday, April 17, 2015

Bulbul - Concluding Part

Exactly thirty six hours after I mentioned that the baby Bulbul may fly  in another two days, I found lot of excitement near the nest. The baby had climbed out and the parents were flying in and out. One of them might have given the final pep talk and the baby stood ready on the edge of the nest poised for take off. But it stood there for a long time. Since we humans are not as lucky as the birds and have to do things according to the clock, I went in for breakfast. When I came out, neither the parents nor the baby was seen. I waited till evening and climbed up to check. The nest was empty. I presume that the baby is flying somewhere around my house and that it is a happy end. 

Flying lessons?
Should I jump?
Jump. Don't worry. I am here

Empty nest - but a happy end? I presume so. 

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