Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Update On the Bulbul Family

With me hovering  in the vicinity of their nest, the parents were a bit anxious and kept fluttering around. After they realised that I was only a nuisance, flashing some irritating light mow then and do not mean any harm, they went away on their errand. 
One of them return carrying a juicy worm in the throat
"Don't jump you stupid. Get back.Don't you know what happened to your brothers" 

"That's better. Now say aaaaaaa. Don't hurry. Eat slowly"
"Done? Now come out and sit with me. Uncle wants to take a picture"

After the parent went away I went closer for a picture of the baby resting  inside the nest. 
My wife saw me climbing gingerly onto the wobbly stool with the camera in hand - "If your idea is just to have some of your bones broken, why not simply climb onto the roof and jump down? You will have better results and also save the camera." 

One of the parents return for the night shift. With the baby growing there is not much space in the nest now. 

And it made itself as comfortable as possible for the night. 
The gap between the two closeups is just forty eight hours and look at the baby's back. The bald back is covered with feathers! It may attempt to fly in a day or two. Hope to witness and record it. Will get back if I do. 

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Ravi said...

what you need is a good zoom lens. Lata was absolutely right. That rickety stack of stools looks dangerous. Good photos though.