Saturday, November 7, 2015


“ I have been speaking to you for the last two minutes and you are not responding at all. You have stopped hearing me’  -  this has been my wife’s complaint for over an year now.

“Oh, is it? I never heard anything. May be I am getting old”  -  My response.

“You are not getting old. You are just trying to be clever and it won’t work with me” -  My wife retorts.

This has been going on for sometime now.

Recently I had a bout of cold and fever and felt that my ear is blocked. I consulted the ENT surgeon. He did not find any block and he suggested that I undergo an audiometry test.  It was done today.

It says that there is some hearing loss but I hear better at low frequencies.

It is official now. I do not hear what my wife says and need not respond to her words. And if she is bent upon getting an answer she will have to stop shouting and speak gently (and lovingly) in a low tone!

I love Audiometry! 

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