Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Latest communication systems for a better life!

My son came home early today. We (me, my wife and son) had dinner together. After that I sat in front of my desk top to type a letter to a friend about a matter which concerned all three of us. I typed the letter and shouted for my son to come and see it. No response. He is always like that. Once he gets into his room he will be in front of his laptop with the earphone plugged in. It irritates me. I was about to go and bang on his door. Then I thought for a second. I sent the draft to his mail id and also sent a message by Whatsapp  “Check mail” .

Within three minutes I got his message “OK.”  And  “Take Amma’s approval”.

My wife is in another room watching her favourite TV serial. She will be very much annoyed if someone opens the door (It allows mosquitos in, diverts her attention from the important piece of conversation on the TV and it nullifies the cooling effect, which our dying AC has produced after lot of hard work).  So, I sent another message  “Come see the draft”.  The lady who gets infuriated if I shout from the next room to call her attention, walked in calmly, saw the draft, said “fine” and left.

I sent the mail. 

The process, which could have taken around half an hour to complete through direct interaction (with irritations, accusations, counter accusations interspersed) was over in six minutes in a very cordial atmosphere!

Look how the
latest communication systems have bettered our life!


Sushma U N said...

OMG! Raghu Mama! Why have you stopped posting links to your blogposts on Facebook? I had missed this superb piece!

Mahabaleshwara BL said...

You did not post this on FB I guess or did I miss it ?!. I wondered for a while and decided to search your "stray thoughts..."
Good one sir