Saturday, May 21, 2016

My Scooter And My Sentiments

This is how my LML Vespa Alfa looked when I bought it about twenty eight years back. It has been running ever since but had almost retired since the last rainy season.  My son, who is very much attached to the senior scooter, found that the heart and skeleton were in good shape, sent it out for a whole body scan followed by surgeries and a major face lift.  It is back in ‘mint’ condition. To look at, I mean. Effect of some brain damage persists and it wobbles a wee bit to the right. And at times you may feel that the handle is going to come out of its socket.  But it runs well and as long as MY brain and limbs are in good shape, I should be able to handle it.

Since it has crossed 15 years, the registration has to be renewed every five years. I took it for renewal when it was twenty five. A young inspector came to examine the vehicle. He objected saying that there are no side indicators on the scooter.

“I agree. But there were no side indicators at all at the time I purchased this scooter”
 “How is it possible? We register dozens of scooters every day and all of them have indicators. In fact, I have not seen any scooter without side indicators in my life”
“That may be true but probably you were not yet born when I bought this”
He laughed and signed the form.

It is my first vehicle. My children have grown standing in front of the handle bar. They were holding it for dear life then and now they hold it to control the scooter. Same with my hand. They were dependent up on it for support once and if I am lucky enough they will hold it and lead me when I become dependent on them.  My wife is alive in spite of being a pillion rider for two decades. The scooter has served me well.

 I bought it for Rs 11,000 and have spent about 15,000 on insurance and possibly double that on two body and face lifts. We hope to keep it in running condition for some more time.

Sentiments like this are expensive but probably worth it.

My wife read this and asked me if living things are also eligible to be objects of expression of my sentiments! 

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vijumrao said...

I share your sentiments sir. We cant forget something which has been with us for a long time. Memories would be sweet.