Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Week Of Rains - Want More?

Remember my post written with lot of excitement just after it started raining? Yes?  Well, I am surprised.  No? I understand and I don’t grudge. Any way, if yes, remember what I wrote at the end? It will be a bigger surprise if I get another yes. I had said that the wholehearted welcome notwithstanding, I would be waiting for a ray of sun shine if it keeps raining for a week. 

That time has come. 

It has been raining without break for a week now and everything is damp and mouldy. While I wait for the sun to appear and brighten things I am posting some pictures from around the house - converting the words in the previous post into visuals.  Yes, I do have better things to do - outside the house - but I decided to remain indoors and I needed something to keep me occupied.  How I kept myself occupied? You know now. Please bear with me.
The ladder remained on the ground and fungus grew on its feet. 
Anything wrong with the foot? - keep the foot up. Thats what I have tried here. I hope I can save the feet.

It is my responsibility to save my patient's feet too. The sidewalk is covered with moss.

Backyard looks like a cyclone affected area.

Rain makes patterns in the water collected around the house.  I hope it does not seep in and make patters on my walls.

A major part of the room is converted into a clothesline and the fan is on  24*7

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BSD said...

Seven days of craziness there. Once again, a detailed with pictures post. I love them.