Sunday, June 26, 2016

Monsoon Walk - One more craze.

Inspired by the weekly running programme of the group of Ponda marathoners, "Aamhi Antruz Runners" (they  actually run half marathon, 21 kms, but that is more than what I can think of, even) I joined the group for a 10 km run. No, walk. They are runners but are Ok with a walking old man. (which many of them turn out to be by the end of their marathon) Why they run, I don’t know. It is their craze. Some people run, some cycle, some sing, some paint, some climb and so on and so forth. I walk, sometimes sing while walking and write about it in my blog. Three crazes actually. There is no logical reason why we do it.

Well, today was the monsoon run and as the name implies an even crazier run. You get up at five on a chilly, rainy morning and start running in the pouring rain while sensible people cover themselves tighter and shift to the next scene of their dreams.  

Just to prove that whatever craze you have, you are not alone in this world, a friend of mine was waiting when I reached the designated place. It was nice to have company but it meant that I could not sing. Yes. I try to sing when I am out of reach of anybody’s hearing, including mine and luckily it is certified that my hearing is poor!  (No, not because of continuosly hearing my own singing, because of age) A dark lonely night or early morning when the few household that are there along the road cannot hear anything other than rain is the best time to sing. And when it is raining there are no dogs on the street and you are absolutely safe. Anyway, company is more important and I was happy with his presence.

The route taken is devoid of traffic and very picturesque, especially in the monsoon and I had carried my camera in the hope of getting a few pictures. It was a mild drizzle when we started at half past five but as it grew brighter the rain started pouring harder and the camera remained in the plastic cover safely out of reach of rain.

After we ended the walk and got into the car to reach home from the designated place, the weather cleared a bit and I could get a picture to give you a sample of the scene that we experienced all along the walking route. Well, Goa is not always like this but you find Simla in Goa once in a way during the rains. A wonderful combination of lush green slopes partly masked by layers of clouds. Have a good look. Sadly, It may not last long.
I took this on a stretch of the highway near my house and edited it to give an idea of the scene along our walking route. That route is much more beautiful, lush and exhilarating.

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