Thursday, September 22, 2016

Kensington Park and Aimless Roaming

We visited a place called Kensington park last evening. We had planned to be there by six but it was nearing seven in the evening when we reached there. Only after arriving at the entrance I realised that it was a very large park with walking and cycling trails, camping sites, boating facilities etc etc. But by then it was already getting dark. We walked along the shore of the lake for a while, ate the packed dinner and returned home. The website says that the park area is about 4500 acres and the lake makes up about 1500 acres. What we saw was about 1/100th of the park. Since the purpose of the visit seemed to be eating the packed dinner, I should say that we did not miss much! Here are some pictures

Serving the 'purpose' 

In the last one week I have zipped around quite a bit of Novi city by car. Most of the roads are good and there is no traffic congestion - at least not at the time that I went around. Somebody  drives the car and I simply have to sit back and enjoy the ride. But the trouble is, if I spot something at which I want to take a second look, the place is half a mile behind by the time I turn to look at it again. All I get to see at leisure are the parking lots and superstores. So, I decided to go around the place on a bicycle this morning and covered about ten kilometers riding at my own pace. I went into other subdivisions to look at the houses, stopped by the road side to read the sign boards, took time to take pictures of whatever I felt like, liked pushing the buttons to bring the traffic to a halt before crossing the roads, rested in the cool shade of peaceful cemeteries, and returned after two hours. Pictures of today’s ride are here.

Almost all the roads in the subdivisions are usually empty. No need to fight with other road users for space.

Observing the 'Development' that is going on in our cities, I  have come to hate the very word. It was heartening to see the space reserved for "undevelopment". How I wish we earmark some such places back home! 

To the right is the parkland meant to remain 'undeveloped'

A giant mushroom on the roadside

Self explanaory

The creek under protection

'Selfie', my style!
Resting awhile, with the eternally resting!

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