Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Making A Fool Of Myself And Some Pictures

The weather forecast said that it would be cloudy and that it may rain. The weather man was right.  He is, most of the times. It is chilly and gloomy since morning with a mild drizzle every now and then. This is expected to continue for the next five days. So nothing much to do other than fighting with the dog. It is said to be a Siberian breed and it loves sleeping next to the open door enjoying the cold wind. For us, the tropical animals, the chill is very difficult to bear and the wind just cuts us into pieces. It is a task to push the dog aside and close the door.  Once the door is closed the dog is irritable. It whines, barks, tugs at your clothes and in general does not allow you to be in peace. War of nerves is on.

Did not do anything much during the last week, other than making a fool of myself during a dinner invitation. I am used to making a fool of myself now and then but manage to cover it up well. This time I was caught. The graceful hosts had prepared stuffed pancakes and some very tasty pre dinner snacks.  I was hungry when we arrived at their door and helped myself well with the snacks. We sat for dinner, I finished a pancake and was carried over by the taste. I asked for a second helping. “Are you sure you want a second one?” my wife whispered in my ears. “You need not monitor my eating.I am not a child” I shot back.

The second pancake was served.  The stuffing consisted of onions, almond flakes and cashew nuts. And the pancakes were served with a side dish made of potatoes. I thought I was enjoying the second one but even before I finished about one third of it, I strangely felt full. I took a closer look and found that our host had made a bigger one this time and had  been generous with the stuffing too! I managed to eat a few more morsels and before I knew it, I was stuffed. I still had half a pancake on my plate.  
I looked around for the trash bag hoping to empty the contents of my plate in stealth. There was no trash bag in sight. In a low tone I explained my predicament to my wife and begged for help. She did give a stern look and did not forego the opportunity to say “I told you so”  but was kind enough to accept half of what was on my plate on the condition that I finish the remaining.

Much against the advice of my stomach I put yet another morsel in my mouth and swallowed it with the help of a sip of water. One fourth of the pancake was still on my plate with almonds and cashews pouring tantalisingly out of it. But it was impossible for me even to touch it. I was not stuffed anymore, I was suffocated. In distress actually. There was nothing I could do. I pushed my plate aside, took another  sip of water and  some deep breaths.  I Got up, apologised to our hosts for leaving the food on the plate and ran outside - to freedom from pancakes!

I had to hear a lot about it after coming home but it was nothing compared to the embarrassment I experienced during dinner.

Other than that there was nothing interesting during the past week. Visited some picturesque spots close by and a colourful farmer’s market. I will allow the pictures to talk about them.

The Maybury park close to our house. The picnic spot along the cycle track. 

The walking track

A view of the walled lake, walled lake city

A cafe on the shore of the park. You may park your car here but please remember to order at the window!

Flowers for sale at the eastern market, Detroit

colourful bell peppers - same market

A walnut Brownie and a Dates and nut bar. Both yummy.  3.5$ and 2.5$ respectively. 5$ both. 

Detroit river front, Detroit

View from the river side

The Detroit river with crystal clear water. the opposite shore is the city of Windsor, Canada. Can't help shed a tear for our own Mandovi at Panaji

A poster that may interest my fish loving friends. 

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