Monday, October 3, 2016

A Wrong turn and a Beautiful ake

Yseterday I made the mistake of accompanying the ladies to Tanger mall, a large open air mall which houses retail outlets of all major brands of apparel, bags, footwear and such other  items.  Yet another pillar of American consumerism. Actually I had second thoughts about joining them but since there was nothing else to do and since the mall was about fifty kilometers from where I stay, I thought I may find some new avenues to explore while the ladies shop. Also, when I checked the map, I found a small airport almost next to the mall. I can spend hours looking at aircrafts taking off and touching down and I thought that it should be fine. I left the ladies at the mall and started walking along the road towards the airport. It was about a mile from the mall. Half way through I looked up at the sky and found dark clouds forming at the horizon. It was already cold and if it started raining I would be having a tough time. There was no shelter of any kind anywhere around. I quietly returned to the mall and spent a miserable three hours while the ladies had a great time! Since it was cold, I sat in the parked car, and they enjoyed the services of a hand to pick them up/ and drop them off from/to one outlet to another.

The Tanger Mall. Shop till you drop
When my wife buys something, it is almost always followed by an exchange. They decided to make another trip to the mall today and I very wisely excused myself. Though it was cold, there was bright sunlight and the outdoors was inviting. The map showed a township called Northville not very far from where I stay and there was a district library on the central street. I decided to cycle there. I rode happily along and turned into the road leading to Northville. After fifteen minutes I realised that I had taken a turn too early and started back. Half way through I found a side road and had a glimpse of water at the end. I turned into the road and found myself facing  a beautiful lake. As I have mentioned earlier I love the sight of rivers and lakes and spent an enjoyable half an hour in the vicinity. A gentleman was fishing at a distance, few ducks were floating without causing the slightest ripple in water and an occasional otter broke the surface to take a breath and dived in the next second. It was wonderful. Few pictures here.

View of the house tops next to the lake - from a hillock by the side

The sidewalk, a pleasure to ride up on
A tree on the way, exhibiting the fall colours 

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