Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall Colours

Novi Orthopaedic Center
Few months back we had a case of fracture jaw in our clinic. It was a young girl of about ten years. We admitted her in a nearby hospital, requested an anaesthetist to administer a sedative and repaired the broken bone. The surgery was done around seven in the morning and the girl remained groggy till evening. I had that in mind when my son said that his reconstructive knee surgery (to treat a damage caused by an old wound) would be done under sedation and regional anaesthesia. I was pleasantly surprised to see him fully awake and alert just one hour after the surgery. We reported to the hospital at half past seven in the morning and were out by half past twelve! I do not know whether it was a different technique of sedation/anaesthesia or a different drug. But I am impressed.

Other than the surgery nothing much happened during the week. We went to a place called Lansing, about an hour’s drive from here for a boat ride on the Grand river, to see the 'fall colours.' I understand, at this time of the year, going places to see the fall colours is a major activity in the US.The trees which were green a month back, turn yellow, orange or red and it is a beautiful sight. Shortly after that, the leaves are shed and the tree is bare. People travel hundreds of kilometers to places where the vegetation is dense and enjoy the view. I do like the sight of the colours but feel, when seen closer, that the leaves appear lifeless, which they really are.

Well, as I said we went to see the fall colours. 15th of October has always been the date to take visitors on boat ride for seeing colours. On reaching the place, our guide said that this year the trees refused to obey the orders and change colours on designated dates. I believe they did not like the weather. Anyway, the surroundings were nice, the boat ride very pleasant and the picnic lunch very tasty. But not much colours. Still, I haven't missed much. I see plenty of fall colours on my aimless rides or walks around the place.I think others don't have time to stop and look around. In a hurry to reach their work or home, they zoom past the trees in their neighbourhood with their eyes on the mobile phone screen and ears tuned to 'Ways', the app which informs them about the road condition ahead. As a result, they have to fix a time and place to go, open their eyes and see colours!
The Boat ride. Even my son, who was on crutches, was tempted. 

Some changes have started to appear.If the fall was on schedule, the whole vegetation would have turned vibrant yellow and orange 

Enjoyable lunch

Fall colours closer home

A neighbour, with an eye for colours, festoons his sign board!

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