Thursday, July 28, 2011


ToDay’s news paper says that Yedyurappa has agreed to quit - at last. But he will be quitting on 31st, after another two ‘sticky’days. Since the time I started reading news papers I have come across quite a few ‘stickers’ sticking to their chairs. But this is one ‘Super sticker’.

In my profession, one thing that I hate is ‘Scaling’. What my patients call ‘cleaning’. This involves removing the ‘Calculus,’ commonly known as ‘Tartar,’ which gets deposited around the teeth near the gums. When I write the records after ‘Scaling’, I usually put the markings, + , ++ , +++ to indicate the toughness and ‘stickiness’ of Tartar. Hence forth I will write ‘Y’ to indicate something stickier than +++.

I also suggest that if the manufacturers of ‘Fevicol’ produce something better than ‘Fevicol’, they name it ‘Yevicol’ and multiply their sales.


Ravi said...

In addition to the stickiness grading, you should add a stinkiness grading too.

M S Raghunandan said...

thats a good one ravi. i am sure that the political stink will beat all the oral stinks hollow.

Sushma said...

Fantastic post!!

There is a column in our paper called BL Diary, where we write stuff like this. Raghu Mama, do join BL, and contribute to this column. Whether Yevicol will push up sales or not, Raghu will certainly push up circulation of Business Line.