Saturday, July 30, 2011

To - Day's Papers. 30th July.

To-day’s papers.

Justice Dinakaran

Yesterday I posted ‘Yevicol’ on my blog and this morning I read that justice Dinakaran has resigned from the post of Chief Justice of Sikkim. He was a close competitor to Yedyurappa in stickiness (and ‘stinkiness’- here you are Ravi!) grading.


The US authorities have raided another university UNVA, in Washington. 90% of the students are from India and majority of them from Andhra. Something similar to Tri Valley. There was lot of shouting in the media when the students of Tri Valley were made to wear ankle bands to monitor their movement. And the media almost succeeded in making people back home feel that the university was the villain and the students - innocent.

This time the US authorities are being more cautious - the papers say. The Indian embassy has asked the US authorities not to ‘victimise’ students.

Is the Indian embassy being naïve or caring? Who is the victim? Students or the US government?

Everyone knows that the students of both these universities are not ‘victims’ but perpetrators of a fraud to hoodwink the US authorities and gain entry into the US. They were very well aware what they were upto.

They have soiled the name of the country and thanks to them all Indian students will be looked at with suspicion.

What they need is not sympathy but a kick on the butt.

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Ravi said...

You could add an extra point to the judge's score. they are supposed to be set standards in honesty and integrity, not compete with politicians!