Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Karnataka CM - 'Vastu' compliant.

The new Chief Minister of Karnataka offered ‘puja’ and prayers to Lord Ganesh at his official residence this morning. Understandable. Later, his ‘Vastu’ consultant spoke and claimed that it was because of the alterations that he brought about in the residence of the new CM at his earlier residence in his constituency, (New CM was party president, then) that the BJP became a coalition partner in the JDS govt and then gained power on its own. He said that he had already made the BJP office in Bangalore ‘Vastu’ compliant and that the same will be done to the official residence of the new CM. He claimed that enough alterations would be done to keep BJP in power for the next 10-15 years. (Why not the next 100-150 years? - I wonder)

I had thought that the era of tertiary level of superstition ended with the exit of Yedyurappa, but no. We are in for much more. I hear through my extra sensory auditory senses that a ‘Vastu’ section is likely to be started in the Karnataka PWD and the CM’s Vastu consultant may be the Chief Vastu engineer (CVE for short) of the section. There will be all categories of ‘Vastu’ engineers like JE (Vastu), AE (Vastu), EE (Vastu) etc etc, all PWD works are to get OK from the respective 'Vastu' JE, AE, EE etc depending up on the category of work and if necessary the KRS and the Bangalore metro would be demolished and rebuilt after making the plans Vastu complinat.

The TV channels which have nothing better to do zoomed in for the ‘Puja’ and the interview of the ‘Vastu’ consultant and people who have nothing better to do watched and wrote about it.

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Anil Jagalur said...

One who did not have anything better to do wrote the comment.
The required qualification for *VEs is that they should not be engineers. Knowledge of vastushastra itself is treated as having an engineering degree. A science degree will be considered a dis-qualification. An affidavit saying that the candidate, who has acquired a science degree by mistake, has purged himself of scientific temper will re-qualify him. (those are the byelaws that you did not hear about Raghu)