Friday, August 19, 2011

Post for the day

“Nine parties call for nationwide agitation.”

“Varun Gnadhi calls for stronger Lokpal bill”

“Parrikar (Goa BJP leader) promises to pass Lokayukta bill within one month -if brought to power”

Opposition parties are keen on making best use of the situation. They will turn the agitation into a political tamasha and I can see calls for state bundhs and Bharat bundh coming. People are charged and will get carried away by “action”. Road blocks, rail roko, setting fire to buses will follow. A good movement will end up as a nuisance.

Anna Hazare, in his first televised call said “Let there be no damage to private or public property. Let there not be any violence. There should not be any inconvenience to public”. But these are sensible and very tame words. We are not interested in them. Hope Anna will not repent beginning this.

Two cricket jokes on SMS I liked.

“Annaji, thanks for taking the limelight away from the India- England series” - M S Dhoni.

“I will watch 'Lagaan' today. That is the only way I can see India winning against England.”

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