Friday, August 27, 2010

Manitou dwellings and Garden of Gods

The web site of Manitou cliff dwellings, Colorado, says that you have enough over there to keep yourself busy for a whole day. May be. If you are doing some research on American Indians. They are said to be the authentic dwellings in which the American Indians lived and are supposed to be 700 years old. They are built within a sort of dugout in the sandstone mountain side under an overhang which protects them from extremes of weather. They have been maintained well, there is enough information about them and they are worth a visit if you are anywhere close by.

We walked through them, went around the small museum and after an hour were on our way to ‘garden of gods’.

Garden of gods is a public park maintained by the Colorado springs administration and contains a number of sandstone and lime stone rock formations. Most of the formations are named according to what they can be imagined to look like. For example, the ‘kissing camels’. Look for them at top left.

The park contains plenty of tracks for walking, hiking, cycling and horseback riding. Some of the rock formations are steep and invite rock climbers. Suitable for an evening if you have good company as we did.

After walking for a while and climbing the rocks which were within our reach and posing there,

We turned back.

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